5 things you should know while having a fight

Fights are natural not only in couples but also in any relationship. The main reason behind the fights is the difference between persons.  Every person is unique in nature and habits and the point where this difference can not be handled well results into a fight. You have fights with your partner thats fine now how you should handle this fight is the main question.  There are few things that you should be well aware while have a fight with your partner.

5. Dont use past cards

Mostly in fights it is observed that people are used to tease the other person by reminding or pointing their past. This is the worst thing that I have observed so far, if you truly love someone then how can you be so harsh ? Dont say something that you have to pay back later. Think for a while that you are having a fight with the person to whom you love the most. Control your words and remember ince the words said cant be taken back. Be carefull in anger. Though its hard to think in anger but if you practice it in normal routine then you will be used to of it.