5 Things Your Depressed Partner Wants to Hear From You

Despite all the attention given to mental health issues, there are still people out there who are waiting for their share of love and acceptance. Depression is a challenging part of many of our lives today. It is like a spell over us that takes away our optimism. Everything makes us feel hopeless and there is a never ending urge to do nothing. If you are with one such person, you need to remind yourself that you are in for giving them a lot of love and support. Here are a few things that your depressed partner wants to hear from you:

  1. “You can make it.”

Your depressed partner needs to know that they can make it. They are struck deep down by depression and that makes them feel very hopeless. They think that this phase of depression will take away their soul and they will lose the will to live any more. So you have to remind them that they have the capacity to overcome this. No body is weak enough to lose to depression. They just don’t have the fill to fight anymore and you just need to remind them of it.