5 Thoughts That Are Always On His Head

Men tend to be very quiet at times. Unlike women, they are not of those who will continuously talk and talk for hours. They usually stay in their own space locked up in their own thoughts and choose to stay that way. However, women always wonder what these people really think about. What is so interesting to them that they prefer to stay quiet and stay lost in thought over it. Here are a few things that he often thinks about:

  1. Cars and motorbikes.

Men love cars and motorbikes. This is generally one of their most favourite obsessions. Now I am not saying that all men are the same but most men like to think about these things. I learnt this from a cousin of mine. He would often get lost in thought and sit at one place staring into nothing. One day, I snapped him out of his thoughts to realize that he was wondering what kind of tire rims would he get if he ever bought a Ferrari. He told me this is what men love to think about and it really made me laugh. This is how men are and this is what is usually in his head. .