5 Thoughts Your Boyfriend will Not Be Very Expressive About

Men are generally less expressive. They do not understand how the system of sharing all your thoughts feel like. Women always complain about this, but men cannot really do anything about it. They will feel things too – they just choose to stay quiet over them. Your boyfriend, similarly, has a few thoughts in his head every now and then, which he doesn’t say out loud. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get to know about them – even though they are not directly from him. Here are a few thoughts he won’t share:

  1. He feels sad too.

Your boyfriend will never confess to feeling sad. They like to pretend that nothing gets to them and they are hard-core. They take care of you when you are down, and they feel the urge to protect you from everything. However, that doesn’t mean that they do not feel sad. They have their down days too. Sometimes, they feel like crying too. However, they are built this way that they will never come whining and ranting to you about how they want to cry. If something really gets to him, he might shed a tear too.