5 Traits That Will Make You an Irresistible Guy

A man’s biggest dream is to be a guy that makes all woman drool. He steps into the front and no woman can keep their eyes of him. What more would he want if women fight to be the girl of his life. If you want to be a chick magnet that brings women to flock around him, then you need to have certain traits. For your help, we list down some of them:

  1. You need to smell good

A man instantly becomes twice as attractive to a woman, if he smells well. It might be surprising for you but certain scents like citrus and blue water are highly arousing for a woman. You will notice them moving inches closer to you if you smell good. Yes, keeping a large collection of colognes will do you a favor but sometimes a cologne worsens the situation if your body odor is stinky. Bathe daily and prefer body deodorants over colognes. Oh and don’t forget the mouth freshener. You badly need it for a long romantic conversation with her.