5 Types of Girls You Cannot Live With

Moving in together is one of the riskiest of steps in a relationship and need to think a lot before making this decision. This decision can either give your relationship a different meaning or can ruin it completely. Before thinking about it, you need to ensure that your girlfriend is not one of those girls that can make your place a living hell. She may be your darling, but she is one of those girls, you cannot live with. We list down some of those girls, that will help you decide for yourself:

  1. The one who is clinged to you

If your girlfriend is over-possessive and wants to be clinged to you all the time, then you really need to reconsider your decision. You seem to be a property to her, that she does not want to be separated with. You simply cannot live with a girl who feels insecure, even if it is about a few hours that you spend without her. A man, no matter how much he loves her girlfriend, always wants to enjoy some time of his own; do not expect to have such time, if you start living in with your over attached girlfriend.