5 types of people you shouldn’t have around you

This world is full of different sort of people, some of them are pessimistic and fewer are optimistic. Some are good people with beautiful heart and some are bad people who doesnt even care about their deeds.  As I have mentioned in my articles that everyone is unique in this world and what you need to do simply findout positive people around you. Avoid people with negative energies because sooner or later they will be able to transfer their energies in you. Wait! Are you thinking that how would you be able to find good people around you ? And how can you avoid yourself from negative people ? There are few things that will really help you. Here are they;

5. They will Always Criticize you

There is type of people in world which is in habit of pointing others mistakes. This doesnt matter how good you are to them they will always find something to crticise.  If you have people around you who always crticise your actions, your deeds, your goodness then dont take time to kick out them from your life and once you will kick them out you will see brightness every where. They are like shadows when they dissappear they brightens your day.