5 Ways to Renew your Relationship

3. Give love as much as you can.

To keep your relationship on the right track, always give love as much as you can. Whether it is love in physical form or just emotionally, just express it. This teaches you how to love a person beyond your strength. My relationship has gone through so much that if it involved two weak-hearted people, they would have broken up by now. My partner and I vowed to give as much love as we could. We never ask each other for hugs, kisses or cuddles. We just know that these things happen without asking.

2. Express your feelings first.

In your relationship, always try your best to be the person who expresses their feelings first. Take great honor and pride in being this person. It makes your partner feel extremely special and loved, and that helps your relationship survive everything. Whenever there is a situation, be the first to say ‘I love you.’ When you express your feelings first, you show your partner that you always want complete partiality in terms of feelings. Be it, love, be it anger or be it lust, take the first step. You will never regret it because it will eventually keep things honest between you both.