5 Ways To Get Him Ask You Out

The first date is one of the most important moments in a newly born relationship. However, even before the first date is your opportunity to impress them. You want to catch their eye and then you want to be worth the second. Obviously, when we are into someone, they become a part of us. Whether we want it or not, they become an essential part of us and that part makes us do crazy and embarrassing things – just for the sake of their attention. However, while you may be making a fool out of yourself without realizing it, here is how you can get him to ask you out:


  1. Wear that smile.

They say, ‘Smile is a curve that sets everything straight’. The first thing a man notices about a girl is her eyes and then how she smiles. Smile is one of the most attractive of traits a woman possesses, so why not use it for your benefit? If you want him to ask you out, you will have to flash your smile more often. For him to like you, you have to make him look at you for a long time. The more he keeps his eyes on you, the more he falls in love with you. Keep smiling so that he cannot keep his eyes off you.