5 Ways To Get Him To Go All Gaga Over You

Girls love special care and attention. It is in every woman’s heart to be the apple of her man’s eyes. She just wants him to treat her exclusively special. There is something mesmerizing about getting that utmost love and attention for a woman. However, most women complain that their guys do not give them complete attention. Here are a few ways to make him go all gaga over you and to get maximum attention from him:

  1. Originality

If you want your man to go all gaga over you, you have to learn to be original. When you are with someone, you try to show them the best side of you.you want them to like you and to think of you as someone they can totally love, trust and care for. However, some women go overboard with that. To become someone far more likable than who they really are, they develop a fake personality. They try to be someone that they are not, and assume that the guy has no idea. It is never difficult to read someone who is fake. So avoid the drama and start being original because that is a trait that everyone appreciates.