5 Ways To Give Him the Ultimate No Signal

It is interesting to find how everyone criticize women for friend-zoning guys. We are almost always the bad people who break their hearts and what not. However, the tragedy is not that we break so many hearts – the tragedy is that we are offered way too many hearts. Guys sometimes take the wrong ideas as well, and it is not always the woman that you should balm. However, if you are a woman struggling with how to get rid of this person who is keenly interested in you, here is what you can do to give him the ultimate no signal:

  1. Confirm your feelings.

Before you try to give him a no signal, you need to confirm that it is actually a no signal from your heart as well. Sometimes, he is approaching you because you are giving him somewhat of a yes signal as well. You probably see very close or hold hands or cuddle when you’re sad etc. You need to understand that you do not do these things to someone as friends. These tings are exclusively for that someone-special. If you are doing these, you must stop to give him a no signal.