5 Ways to Handle a Rude Boyfriend

He is your Mr Right. With him around, things make sense. He can right your wrongs, and he is perhaps the best thing to have happened to you. However, there is one problem. Your dream guy isn’t the politest guy you know, and his rude behaviour is a major turn off. You want him to speak nicely but he just cannot stop being mean. You don’t want him to break up, but you want this behaviour to be dealt with. Here is what you can do:

  1. Let him know.

Before you do anything to handle your rude boyfriend, remember that he needs to hear it from you once. You don’t have to be straightforward but you don’t have to start a fight as well. Hint at how something he did a few days back was very offensive. If you want it to be more personal, remind him of how he was rude to you on some day. Let him know that it hurt your feelings and you need him to be nice to you at times. Let him know that you are a big fan of him but you want this to end.