5 Ways to Instantly Win her Heart

They say that girls are difficult to understand and that nobody knows what they really want. I think that whoever said this didn’t do well at his relationship. When you have a woman in your life, you begin to understand her and then you just want her to be happy. However, when someone is really important to us, we want to surprise them and make them think highly of us. So here is how you can instantly win her heart by surprising her:

  1. Show her you’re listening.

To instantly win her heart, show her that her words mean something to you. Generally, women are very talkative. They love going on and on, and most men make faces to show her that he doesn’t really care about what she is saying. However, if you want her to think that you value her, you have to listen to her. I know that I speak a lot and at most times, it is just stupid rantings so sometimes, I become quiet, and at that point, he comes to me and asks me to talk because he likes to hear me go on. That’s how you win her heart.