5 Ways To Know When You Like Someone

Falling in love and beginning to like someone is a beautiful phase. That time when you slowly try to figure the person out and understand them, and then the way you go about things to make sure that the feelings are reciprocated is indeed beautiful. However, it all becomes beautiful once you realize that you like someone. You need to understand your feelings before anything else and this piece of writing will help you with that. If you have noticed that your behavior with a certain friend is different from how you treat all your other friends, here are a few things to note:

  1. There is always a lot to talk about.

You know you like him when there is always a lot to talk about. The two of you never run out of things to talk about. There are so many mutual grounds that can be easily talked about. Sometimes, you find yourself talking to them for hours and hours because the topics just never exhaust. These are signs of extreme compatibility and when your heat urges you to keep talking to someone, it is not just because they are a good friend of yours.