5 Ways to know whether he’s serious or Not within 3 days

There is an age when fooling around and having a lot of boyfriends/girlfriends seems okay. We are young and we don’t really have anything to worry about. However, as we grow up, we realize that we cannot stick to this behaviour at all times and there is now a need for something far more serious. While you’re looking for something serious, chances are that the other person isn’t in for something like that. Here’s how you can tell whether he’s serious or not just after being with him for 3 days.

1. He isn’t on your head all the time.

It has been three days since you guys got together and he is just overly obsessive. He doesn’t leave you alone at all and he is just always on your head. There are chances that this obsessive behavior of his will end sooner or later. If he’s serious, he will let you be because he’ll know that he doesn’t only have a few days with you, but you’re in for something which will last longer than these flirtatious hook-ups.

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