5 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Smile

The most fundamental rule of a relationship is that you both give each other the right amount of love, care and attention. Do not make one party feel like they are putting in all the effort while you’re just enjoying it. Both of you should feel it equally. Men usually do it more because women can be made happy in easier ways. However, you can make him happy by the following tricks:

5. Make him feel good about himself.

It is not just the women who enjoy compliments – men just enjoy them as much. Make him smile by randomly complimenting him over his driving skills or tell him that you love the way he dresses up. Even the slightest hint at a compliment will give him a little ego boost and I think I need not express how much men love their ego. Just let him know that you appreciate things in him and you’re grateful for having him.

4. Love openly.

You don’t need closed doors or text messages to express that you love him. Make him smile by saying I love you randomly or by holding his hand while you are coming back home after grocery. You don’t have to write a paragraph for him on Facebook or scream and tell the world that you love him, but the whole point of this is to let him know that you love him and that you are very proud of belonging to him. This will surely make him feel happy.

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