5 Ways To Not Think About Your Ex

When you are with someone, they become the most important thing in your life. Your life, voluntarily or involuntarily, begins to revolve around them and they are all you think about all day. However, when you go through a breakup, it is not easy for you to refer to that person as your ex and get done with things. They just don’t end or finish that easily and it is foolish of you to assume so. When you go through a breakup, start off by giving things time. You cannot force yourself to get over someone because it takes a little time and a lot of effort. While you are on that, here is how you can avoid thinking about your ex:

  1. Avoid extensive discussions.

The first way to avoid thinking about your ex is by avoiding discussions over it. You have gone through a breakup, and obviously there is a lot to hear and say. However, you must stop talking about it. The more you talk about it, the more you drag yourself into the past. You end up thinking more and more about what happened and how it happened. The more you talk, the deeper you sink into your thoughts. Avoid questions and if people try to get into a lot of questioning, just try to shut them off. You are doing yourself harm.