5 Ways to Safely Bring Up Past Relationships

When we get into a new relationship, we do not just get rid of our past. Our past is something that makes us the person we are today and we cannot just delete it. Just like you have a history, your partner does too. As much as you trust and love them, you would like to know how their circumstances shaped them and made them the person they are today. However, you can just bluntly ask them to put forward everything on the table because people are not comfortable while talking of their past. Here are a few ways through which you can tactfully and safely bring up past relationships of your partner.

  1. Select the appropriate timings.

When you want to bring up past relationships, please remember that the timings should be proper. Don’t expect them to tell them everything to you in the first week of your relationship. They need some time too because they feel like being careful with you around. They don’t want to sound like someone who is still not over their ex. Therefore, wait for the right time. Hint at the topic a few weeks later and notice their response. Once they know that you are comfortable with them talking about their ex, they will open up to you.