5 Ways to Treat Him This Valentine’s

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we all know that it is the ultimate day of love. Couples look forward to this day all year because they know that it is one day they can spend together – away from everything. Men know the typical gifts women like. They know how flowers, chocolates and all make them very happy. However, a red rose would not mean that much to a man because they operate differently. So here are a few ways to treat him this Valentine’s:

  1. Ask him out before he does.

Valentine’s Day eve is all about eating out together and all the eating out sessions are always made their responsibility. We are living in an era of equality and we can no longer make him pay for expensive dinner dates. To treat him specially, a week before Valentine’s, ask him out like you are asking your high school sweetheart out to the homecoming dance. Take him to the kind of place he likes. Order what he likes. Make the day a lot about him so that he feels extremely special.