5 Wrong Assumptions about a Long Distance Relationship

“My partner is moving away to XYZ!”
“Oh! I am so sorry for you!”

Why is it that people assume that two people will breakup when they get into a long distance relationship? Why do they assume that things will end for them? Why do they assume they will fight and scream? If I make a list here, it will just go on forever. However, there are certain classics that we all know and/or have heard of regarding a long distance relationship. Here are some of them which you must never believe:

  1. Cheating/lying

This is perhaps one assumption about long distance relationships that we owe to cinema and television. When someone tells you that their partner is moving away, we will automatically think that the partner will now be dishonest – if not one, then both of them will now lie or cheat upon each other. When two people move away, it does not mean that they have given up honesty and loyalty. If you cannot be true to your partner while they are around then you are defying the basic rules of a relationship. I believe that when you move away, you actually become more loyal to your partner. You have extra pressure on you to stay honest and to make sure that you stay true to them.