6 Assumptions That Could Ruin Your Love

Being in love means being constantly adored, respected and treated well. It means that even negativities like fights and anger do not get to ruin your love. However, with the passage of time, it has been common for misunderstandings and assumptions to ruin something as strong as love. Here are some of those assumptions that can ruin your love:

  1. “Good relationships come off easily.”

I have heard this so many times and no matter how many more times I hear it, I will still label it the same. Nothing good comes off easily. If you really want a relationship to work or your relationship to succeed, you need to make an effort for it. Adapt to your partner, compromise for them, struggle with them, make their worries your own, take care of them and do whatever it takes to make things work.

  1. “You fight which means you two are not compatible.”

When you get together with someone seriously, a lot of things cannot just easily ruin your love. The two of you are two different people and it is not that the differences between you will break you apart. Love makes you appreciate your differences. You will obviously fight because you are two different people who are not 100% compatible, but that does not mean that those fights will cause you to breakup.