6 Best ways to Cuddle with Your Boyfriend

The label cuddling as something women enjoy only but men don’t mind it all. Any chance to be close to someone you love is worth it. However, if you are bored of the old ways and patterns of cuddling, here are some new ideas for you that your boyfriend will totally love.

6. Take your time.

It is said that when you try to speed things up a lot, you ruin their actual beauty. If you are going to rush things, you could leave your boyfriend confused. You can cuddle by starting off slow like by placing your head on his shoulder and hugging him lightly. Just do so in a way so that he understands what you really want. Start easily and softly because that adds an extra special pint of warmth and love to the contact.

5. Sit close.

You are both sitting on the sofa and watching a movie. You notice that his hand is stretched on the back of the sofa. Understand that he wants you to sit close by him. You could easily come close to him and bury yourself around him. Again, you could hug him or if he wraps his arm around you then you can hold his hand. Understand that love doesn’t always celebrate being together at the finest times. It is the random appreciation of having each other in your life which makes two people special.

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