6 Cute Things Your Boyfriend Does for You Which You Totally Ignore


Moving in and living together are always considered the ‘next step’ in a relationships as the couples take things forward. However, with living together comes a few surprises. You have to share a bedroom and a bathroom – two of the most personal areas. We were accustomed to doing things our way but he is here and sometimes, he makes a mess of things! However, sometimes, you’re just focusing on the negative things. He does some cute things too as a compensation because to very honest, he cannot keep things the way you do. Here are some of those cute things which you probably ignore:

  1. Handles you after a bad dream.

Another one of the cute things is the fact that they handle you after you wake up from a bad dream. Some people get bad dreams very often and it scares them a lot. I get nightmares all the time and when I wake up panicking, he’s always there to calm me down. Now we may not always remember the dream, or it could be stupid of us to cry like that, but he wouldn’t care. All he cares about is your comfort.