6 Damaging Habits That Will Push Your Partner Away

Negativity is one thing that no one wants in their life. No matter how positive a person is, at one point negativity begins to impact them. It may disturb them or bring them down. However negativity comes from damaging habits: some actions that you are very accustomed to but which cause a lot of damage. Such actions in a relationship will push your partner away because no matter how much they try to keep things positive, the negativity will eventually begin to affect them too.

  1. Non-stop jealousy.

One of the most damaging habits is that some people are never content with what they have got so they constantly want what other people have. They will constantly complain and whine over how unfair it is. This is extremely wrong. If someone you know has been blessed with something, then you should be happy for them. Crying and whining won’t get you those things but they will only spread negativity. Be thankful for what you have!