6 Days You Need To Celebrate Before Valentine’s Day

We all know about the popularity of Valentine’s Day. A lot of lovers anticipate the day annually because they get a special reason to shower love on the person who matters so much. After all, nobody wants to miss a day that has been solely named to celebrate love and relationships. However, most of you probably did not know that it is not just Valentine’s Day that is celebrated in February. An entire week is dedicated to celebrating love and here are a few days that are celebrated:

  1. Proposal Day

This amazing week before Valentine’s Day starts off with the Proposal Day on February 8th. The proposal day is all about gathering courage to confess your love. It is the day you decide to let your valentine know that they are going to be that special person for you. A lot of people say that it is just for the guys but I believe that it’s for us ladies just as much. Sometimes, it is nice to make the first move and what better time than the weeks during which life is all about love.