6 Habits a Woman Notices in a Guy before Considering Him

A lot of my male friends often question me a woman’s criteria for liking a guy. They say that when they notice a woman, the first thing they see is her figure. Then they consider a personality, her way of talking and the kind of things she takes about. They have trouble understanding what makes us woman feel attracted towards a guy. What is that a woman notices about a guy? Here is a list of a few habits that a woman notices in a guy before considering him:

  1. His confidence.

First of all, a woman notices a man’s confidence. She sees his ability to carry himself. She sees how he takes care of himself, and how he behaves around other people. She notices his confidence because women like to be around a man who is strong. She wants to be around someone who can take care of her and protect her. Therefore, confidence catches her eye before anything else does.