6 Hilarious Things That Happen When He Doesn’t Call Back

Finding the right guy is never easy. To get to your Mr. Right, you have to go through a lot of wrong ones and that is what makes all of this extremely frustrating. However, you should never give up.

You went on a date with someone and you loved them. Now you want to see more and to get to know him more. You exchanged numbers so you are obviously hoping for them to call back. You tirelessly wait but he doesn’t call back. Well here are 6 things that happen when that happens:

  1. Assuming he’s busy.

He doesn’t call back and you quickly assume that they are busy. You act so calm and cool because you know that they would call once they are free. You forget that you have hardly known him and that if something was going to happen, the contact would have been made quicker. He wouldn’t keep the girl he likes waiting for long. He would want her to know that he had a good time and that he would want more of seeing her.