6 Lies your Boyfriend tells you every day

Well, let’s not jump the gun so fast. Sometimes men have to lie for the greater. For the protection of their relationship and so on and so forth. But this is not always the case. Sometimes, all lies aren’t good and you need to know if you’re with a lying boyfriend!

But do you know the most common lies of a lying boyfriend? Well, we’ve got some laid out for you,

6. ‘I’ve Never Lied To You’

Like seriously? Girl, be honest with yourselves and think how many times you had to concoct a lie just to save a situation? So if a guy tells you he’s never lied to you, you should know you are with a lying boyfriend. Also, if he’s been so truthful, he should never feel the need to clarify himself.

5. ‘I Never Look At Another Women’

It is only natural for a guy to stare and glare at other women. And if he tells you that he doesn’t look at other women, you should know you’re with a lying boyfriend. Only a lying boyfriend will exhibit himself to be pious, naïve and super innocent. If you’re with a truthful, he’ll own up to his nature and his flaws and will always be honest with you about his dirtiest secrets.