6 little things that show how crazy he is for you

Men are generally not expressive, when it comes to showing their love to their partner. A woman has to observe them, read them, and then finally comprehend their feelings. They tend to show signs, but will never speak out. If you are facing problems regarding this and want to know if he is crazy for you, then you have surely come to the right place. Read on and find out the signs of his passionate love for you:

  1. He loves the nicknames you give him

If he loves the cute nicknames you give him, then he is the man! When you love someone, you usually have a loving sweet nickname for them; a nickname only you use. If he likes you calling him ‘love’ ‘baby’ ‘candy’ ‘my world’ and does the same, then he surely is crazy for you. Love him. Keep him. Caress him. He is the one for you.