6 Questions to Ask Each Other Before a Breakup

The generation today is claimed as those who run away to breakups and divorces at the slight hint of problems. We are labelled as cowards and our ability to save relationships is questioned. Although I agree to it to some extent, I also believe that we are not that ignorant. Our generation just knows when to stand up for their rights. However, to save you and many others like us from the tag of people who rush into breakups, I have come up with a set of questions that you should ask each other before considering a breakup:

  1. Are you bored?

I came across a theory of evolution a few days ago which stated that an increase in our paranoia and modernism had made humans more inclined towards being with someone just for the sake of adventure and for pleasure. Once someone could not fulfil us or excite us the way they once did, we fade away from their lives. You have to realize that only one of you is not responsible for all the ‘entertainment’ in a relationship. Play your part make things exciting. Watch things improve. If the only thing you wanted was pleasure, then it must have been lust, more than love.