6 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Your Ex

Heartbreaks are painfully soul-tearing. No matter how many words you write and how many thoughts you think, breaking up with your ex is such a phase that can take its toll on the calmest of all people. We’ve seen people who have totally lost their minds when they lose the love of their lives. Simply saying ‘it will be okay’ can never suffice the pain your ex has left behind. The emptiness you feel when your ex is no more with you. The feeling of being completely deserted, hollow and alone.

But here’s the good news girls! You’re not going to be crying over your ex for a very long time. Yes, believe it or not, but you’re definitely going to come to a stage where you’ll be like, “Screw you, Mr. Ex”.

However, no matter how badass you become, breakups never give you enough closure to have all questions answered. Do you wish you could ask your ex the following questions?

6. Did you every truly love me?

The first and foremost thought that comes to mind when you breakup is that your absolute trust in the person you used to be with. The first thing you wonder is if your ex ever truly loved you? Because if they did, wouldn’t they stick it out with you? Ah, these questions that have no answers are the most torturous ones.

5. Do you still care?

Knowing how hard you’re going to take the news, your mind would just wander off into the little cuddle of care he clouded you in and make you wonder if your ex still cares? Doesn’t he know how hard it is for you? So how can he, in one freaking day, get over so easily that he doesn’t give a care in the world anymore?