6 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Loves To Cuddle with You

Oh, what an amazing feeling to have him wrap his arms around you. The feeling of security, comfort, and soothing. A place that feels like heaven on earth. That’s the beauty of being with someone. The feeling of finding your comfort in someone else’s embrace. The thought of knowing that there’s someone to curl up to in the dark days of worry. To believe that someone’s whisper in your ear will make everything right. To feel how every breath he takes soothes your heart down.

So if you are lucky to have something like this by your side, here are a few thoughts about why your boyfriend likes to cuddle with you.

6. They Like Being Close To You

Well, duh, isn’t that obvious? But research has it that cuddling releases oxytocin aka ‘love hormone’ or ‘cuddle chemical’ which induces the feelings of trust, recognition and bonding amongst two people. So, it’s not just that he loves to cuddle with you for the heck of it but it actually stimulates the hormones in one’s bodies which makes you feel closer to another level.

5. They Like Your Scent

Yes, that’s true. They say that one of the first senses that a person develops as a baby is the sense of smell. A baby does not develop recognition of people but before that, he learns how to recognize people by their scent. And this learning only grows stronger with time. As adults, our subconscious mind automatically registers the scent of someone and decides to accept or reject that person. When you fall in love, this becomes a paramount reason for you to develop a deep sense of belonging with each other.

Heart photograph designed by Yanalya