6 Reasons Why Fights Are So Important In a Relationship

You were angry and said a few things. She was pissed and retaliated with equal aggression. Both of you hit the last nail in the coffin with demeaning remarks and stupid statements which make no sense. You know this the end. Finish. Khalaas!

But it is only a matter of time when as the girl, you start putting up the dinner table and as the guy, you begin to help her out in the kitchen. You share a few glances with each other which are a mix of anger and guilt and sit down to eat. Your heart pounds faster as you wonder who’ll break the ice. And nobody does. Unless the phone rings and it is someone you don’t want to talk to and your partner skillfully makes up an excuse for your absence. The phone is off and you both start dissing the caller like nothing ever happened. Why? Because fights in a relationship are very important and if anything, they teach you a lot,

6. You Get To Know Each Other Better

One of the biggest reasons why fights are so important in a relationship is that they teach you a lot more about your partner. From what makes them angry to what you should say and not say, it teaches you how to deal with him/her in a better way.

5. You Communicate

It sucks to be in a relationship with someone who is either so compliant to you that they won’t say a word or to be with someone who’s so dominant to give a damn reason to their behavior. But when you fight sometimes, you at least communicate the most inner thoughts of your mind which only help you make your relationship stronger in the long run.