6 Reasons Why Online Dating Can Be a Terrible Experience

There are just so many options available for people pursuing online dating. With the introduction of applications like Tinder, online dating is becoming a lot more common than it should. However, it is not as easy and amazing as it seems. One good experience does not mean that can be mishaps and a lot of problems. Here are a few reasons why you should not even think of online dating:

6. You do not get to understand the person as such.

When you haven’t met a person in reality, there is no guarantee that you actually know them. Online dating allows you to introduce yourself in a way that you like. People often create virtual versions of themselves that are not even close to how the real person. Until you haven’t seen the person with their friends, around other people and treating their inferiors, you cannot decide if they are date-worthy or not.

5. False images and lying are easy options.

With online dating, you can never know the actual side of a person. The can present themselves are fun and outgoing. The can present themselves to be anything that you want of them, but that does not mean that the person is actually compatible with you. The can lie to you about their life, job, education, family, housing, lifestyle etc. and even though these are things that do not really matter in love, it is important to know the truth about a person.