6 Reasons Why a Woman Wants To Get Married

Women are always considered more enthusiastic to get married. They sometimes make a joke out of themselves by being more hopeful and expecting but a woman’s feelings are always justified. They don’t live in their own bubble but they think a lot about situations and make decisions. Here are a few reasons why women want to get married:

6. The prospect is exciting.

Women want to get married because it has been a childhood dream of hers. The idea of marriage has always been something that she thought about. When she was going through all those fairy tales as a little girl and she was reading about how Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc. eventually got their married to their prince charming, she somewhere wished for hers too. So if she is going all crazy daydreaming about it, don’t push her or make fun of her.

5. Emotional strength.

Women want to get married because they want emotional strength from the man they love. Having someone to cater to your emotional needs is a blessing. They might be extremely self-dependent but if they have someone to wipe away their tears and be there for them at all times they feel more secure. Yes a boyfriend gives all of this as well, but with a husband, the situation is extremely different.