6 Reasons why Long-Distance Relationships are The best

Every time I mention the word ‘long-distance’, people become very scared. They pretend like I just mentioned something horrendous. However, I do not blame them much, because surviving a long-distance relationship requires great patience and power. However, long-distance relationships aren’t just a list of scary things that you and you partner cannot do. Here are some perks of a long-distance relationship:

6. The S3X is crazier.

When you are with your partner every weekend, there is always a chance for you to satisfy your needs. You want to cuddle, call them over. You want to make out, meet the. It is just like you get what you want. However, the love, be it physical or emotional, is far crazier. The two people hardly get to see each other so when they do, they make the most of every moment, even if it is love-making or s3x!