6 Reasons Why Men Don’t Share Their Feelings

A relationship is based largely on communication. You have a problem: you share it with your partner to feel better. However, this is not very possible in the case of men. Men don’t share what they are feeling because they like to keep it to themselves. This is highly frustrating for women because they have to figure out on their own if there is a problem, and even worse, never find about it at all. So if you are on frustrated woman looking for a reason, here are a few justifications for why men don’t share their feelings:

  1. Bad past experience

Some men have trouble trusting other women and don’t share what they are feeling due to a bad past experience. I learned this from my partner. EVery time he had to tell me something, he would shy away from it and change the topic. After a lot of probing into his life (not stalking, promise) I discovered that he had a troubled experience with the most trusted women in his life. EVery women in his family had only caused him and his family trouble so he assumed that no woman could be trusted. It is easier for him to trust me now but it has taken a lot of convincing to make that possible.