6 Reasons Why People Fear Commitment

Commitments are the foundation for any relationship. When there is commitment between two people, it means that they are willing to rely on each other, to spend time with each and to be together for a long time. This would sound beautiful to some people, but some of them might just be cleaning the sweat off their forehead. The latter category is of those who fear commitment and here are a reasons why someone would do that:

  1. They want hassle-free life.

People who fear commitment generally prefer hassle-free lives. They realize that relationships require efforts and that they cannot stay happy and chirpy at all times. The couple goes through ups and downs as well because no relationship is perfect. If you think this way, remember that having a wonderful partner for long is beautiful and those imperfections that you see make the bond between the two people even stronger. Such people prefer flings and one-night stands because they just want ease – they do not realize what they are missing on.

  1. They want to fulfil their goals without distractions.

Some people fear commitment because they think that commitments distract them away from their goals and ambitions. They fear that they would fall short of what is expected of them from life and they feel that their lives would end up becoming a story of regret and disappointment. To avoid all of this, they completely avoid relationships. These things make them scared of relationships because they are just much focussed on reaching somewhere. Just remember that having someone with you might just be added motivation.