6 Reasons Why You Should Accept His Marriage Proposal

It has been quite a few years to your relationship and he finally decides to make a move; he proposes to you. You look at him in astonishment and ask for some time to think. You love him a lot, yet are hesitant to accept his proposal. You know him quite well, but are unsure whether settling together and being family will be a good idea or not? You are unsure of the added baggage that your marriage will bring along? Not to worry! We give you 6 reasons that your answer should definitely be a yes:

  1. He is financially stable

He has been taking care for so many years, fulfilling all your needs and desires. Whether it be the necklace you liked, or the branded purse, he ensured that you had them all. Remember, a man will never propose to you, unless he is financially stable to bring up a family. If he is well off, then he surely will ensure you a better life. His proposal should not be waiting a lot; accept it!