6 Reasons Why Your Love is Beautiful

Find someone who just got into a relationship. Ask them their stance on love. Watch their eyes brighten and their smile widen. Now go to someone who just got cheated upon. Ask them what they feel about love, and watch how grief takes over their existence. Love has a different meaning for all of us, but what we all forget is that it is a universal language. When your ex cheated upon you, and you thought how love is bound to end, think about your family, friends or siblings who love you so much that they would do anything to cheer you up. Some people just give love a bad name and here is why I say that love is beautiful:

  1. Acceptance.

Love is beautiful because love is acceptance. When you fall in love with someone, you learn the art of acceptance. You learn to love them for who they are. You see their flaws and you see all their problems. Yet you still choose to love them, because you know that their flaws don’t define them – their existence does. You make peace with the flaws and you still begin to love them. You don’t care if they wake you up in the middle of the night crying, and you don’t care if they snore like they use a loudspeaker. All you know is that you love them.