6 Reasons why you’re still with the Wrong Guy

We all know someone who is with someone that treats them horribly. Everyone asks them to breakup with them or to let them go, but they never listen. Some people are afraid of being alone again while others fear that they would have a hard time moving on. All of them will give their own justifications, but here are a few generalized reasons why some people still choose to be with the wrong guy, instead of letting them go:

  1. You love them.

In a relationship, you cannot always expect the two partners to have exactly identical feelings. At times, one partner feels much more than the other. Some people tend to fall in love with the wrong person and then their love stops them from breaking up. They care and love that person so much that they cannot bear the thought of being away from them – let alone breaking up! If you are having trouble leaving the wrong person, you might have to be stronger to do things.