6 rules to follow if you like match making

Technically, you do not need to be professionally sound, to be a match maker. Yet, you have to consider numerous things and aspects before setting two people up. It is not easy and can misfire, anytime. Soon, there are frowning eyes upon you; eyes of people, that are paying the price of your mistake. If you are the one playing the cupid, then you need to know these rules to follow:

  1. It is not a good idea to setup your boss

Would you seriously risk your job for a stupid matchmaking? Would you play THAT big a gamble? Yes, your boss will be all gaga over you, if the partner turns out to be good. But imagine! Imagine if that turns out to be a major blunder. How will your boss react? Would he put all blame on you? Well, he has the power to fire you, doesn’t he? Think before taking such a risk.