6 Signs He Doesn’t Love You Enough

Having a boyfriend in your life is very often a big blessing. They love you, take care of you and be there for you. It is almost live having a guardian angel over you because they protect you and become your strength. However, things become difficult when you don’t get the love you deserve because you end up feeling alone and at a distant from the other person. Here are a few signs which show that they don’t love you enough.

6. He Ignores you.

You feel like he does not love you enough because he ignores you when you call him or text him. He has his phone in his hand all the time and you see that he is addicted to his phone but every time you text him, he will not reply on time. He will take ages to reply and his replies will usually be brief. His replies would only be “yes” or “no” or a simple “okay”.

5. You think he doesn’t find you pretty.

He fails on doing the basic little things which show that he does not love you enough. When a guy really loves you, he will remind you every day that he finds you beautiful and that he thinks you are beautiful. However, this guy will never tell you that. He will hardly mention it to you because he just doesn’t care about you enough to go all gaga over you.

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