6 Signs He is Just Not Flirting With you

Well, who does not flirt with somebody attractive? How can someone deny the urge of being all gaga over someone extremely pretty and eye-catching? Men flirt a lot and women tend to misunderstand them. They fail to realize the difference as whether the guy is actually attracted to them, or are they just flirting and do not demand anything serious. Here, we are listing down for you, some of the few hints you can get whether they are serious or not:

  1. His eyes and smile can say a lot

He smiles every time he talks to you? His eyes shine as fireworks on a New Year’s Eve? He looks into your eyes for a long while and then looks down with shyness? These are clear cut signals that he is flirting with you! Don’t get into this trap! Give him time, and get to know him further before you make a move.