6 Signs of a Manipulative Girlfriend

Identifying manipulation is a difficult job, because it is always disguised as fake love or fake care. People never understand it because someone who manipulates always covers it up nicely. Some women are so afraid of loneliness that they always try to keep a guy around them by using them and manipulating them. Here is how you can know if the woman in your life is actually the typical manipulative girlfriend:

  1. Do this, but do whatever you like.

This is perhaps every manipulative person’s favourite thing. This is because it is the simplest thing that can be done. Your manipulative girlfriend will literally command you to do something, or to respond to something in a certain way. They will do so by exactly stating what they want, and then they will say, “oh but you should do whatever you like!” Obviously, when your partner says something, you try your level best to follow them so that you don’t disappoint them. Don’t fall for such traps. Do what you think is right, because it is not only your job to compromise!