6 Signs Of An Insecure Partner

You do not really need to be possessive to show your love for the other person. Possessiveness is bearable only in the initial stages of a relationship. It is just a matter of time when you start feeling suffocated around your overly possessive partner. If they cannot help being jealous, then they do not deserve a place in your life. These are not the kind of people you need around you. Listing below, we help you identify some signs, whether your partner’s jealousy is bearable or not:

  1. They constantly question your friends

Partners, who doubt your relationship with friends of the opposite sex, are not the ones to live with. They have no right to suspect your friends circle. You do not owe them any justifications. If they keep annoying you by reading your conversations with your friends, on your cellphone, then I think you really need to come out of this jail. You are their loved one, not their paid slaves.