6 Signs Of the Boyfriend who would Never Cheat on You

Most women always complain about guys are never loyal. They are always likely to cheat and break the girl’s. As much as this generalization can be wrong, but some men can really act like jerks. Here are a few signs of such a boyfriend who is not that much of a jerk and would never cheat on you:

6. Always keeps you in the loop.

With this guy, you never have to worry about his whereabouts. Most boys go out and never tell their girlfriends the true plan. She won’t know who he is with and where they are. However, your boyfriend would never cheat on you if he informs you his plan and who he will be with. Since he has a clean heart, he has nothing to fear about.

5. He never keeps secrets from you.

A guy who doesn’t keep secrets will never cheat on you. This is because he has a justification and reason for wo every woman in is life is. He has mentioned all his friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even is ex, so he really has no reason to hide his phone when a girl is calling.