6 Signs That You Went Too Fast In Going Physical In Your Relationship

Going intimate in your relationship is a big step that you take; it can either make your relationship, or shatter it to pieces. It is highly important that the timing be correct. If this step is taken too early, it will eradicate the excitement out of your relationship. If the step is taken later, then there are chances he might be finding a new girl to meet his physical needs. Going early has the worst of effects, though. If you have already had $ex with your boyfriend, then we tell you signs that will help you decide if the timing was correct:

  1. He responds to your phone calls seldom

Just after the night you both slept together, he has suddenly started avoiding your phone calls. The person who does not stay a minute away from his phone, has started to neglect all your messages and phone calls. This is an alarming sign that he has been served his dinner, and he does not wish to be with you anymore. He never loved you in the first place. Bad decision, no?