5 Reasons Why Staying Friends with Your Ex Is a Bad Idea

In the cycle of love and relationships, you become friends before you get into a relationship with someone. Can you become friends after you have been in a relationship with someone? The answer is no, this cycle can never go the opposite direction, so if you are planning to be friends with your ex, then let me tell you it is a pretty bad idea. It would not really work and would cause problems for all the parties involved. Here, I tell you why:


  1. It is quite painful

How painful it is to talk to someone you loved, and not have a right to their life anymore. Each and everything that happened in your ex’s lives, you had a say in all. Now when you are friends with them, you have quite limited access, and that causes a lot of pain experiencing it. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to get over a breakup. It takes longer if the person involved is someone you meet and talk to everyday. The pain aggregates and you see no way out. Do you want to experience the same? The choice is yours