6 Signs You Are Falling In Love with your Girlfriend

When people are to define love, they define it as a feeling of affection based on immense care, trust and respect. Yet when you ask someone who has been cheated upon, they’d say a lot of hateful things. Some people run miles away from it, while some people wait for it to happen to them. No matter which category you fall into, you know that falling in love is beautiful. Here is how you can know that you’re falling in love:

  1. Those songs make sense.

When I was single, I remember listening to lovey dovey songs and thinking what kind of people listen to these things. However, when someone is falling in love, all those songs begin to make sense. You begin to understand why the person is saying that certain something and at times, you begin to relate as well. Those sings which were once lame, cheesy and stupid are now interesting, adorable and true. You’re totally falling in love!